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General Exploration Resources


Beyond the Professoriate - Member service with free resources,Beyond the Professoriate is a community for graduate students and PhDs at any stage of their career -- to connect with like-minded people in a safe space to explore career. Members access the information, tools, and support they need to launch a meaningful career. BP started as an annual online conference in 2014. Four fantastic events later, we launched our community to provide career panels, workshops, job search strategy sessions, and PhD peer mentorship all year round.

Beyond Academia - Student-run initiative at UC Berkeley with the goal of empowering graduate students and post-docs to expand their careers beyond the traditional academic track.


Recovering Academic - What happens when you leave academia? How do you handle the transition? What do you do next? Our goal at The Recovering Academic Podcast is to answer those questions. We are all at different stages, so each of us offers a unique perspective on integrating with the world outside of the ivory tower.

PhDs at Work - Great Podcast series and networking site for PhDs across all disciplines.

Alumni Aloud -  from The Graduate Center at City University New York (CUNY) Alumni Aloud is a podcast where Graduate Center alumni share their professional journeys and tips for the job search to help current graduate students navigate the ins and outs of career planning. 

Resources for the Humanities

Humanists@Work and Ideas@Work - Great resource for all students in the Humanities exploring careers beyond the professoriate.

Humanists@Work Podcast Series 

American Historical Association Career Center Resources

  • What I Do: Historians Talk About Their Work Vlog Series
  • AHA Career Contacts - Since its launch in early 2015, the AHA’s Career Contacts program has arranged hundreds of informational interviews between current PhD students (junior contacts) and history PhDs (senior contacts) who have built careers beyond the professoriate. Senior contacts work in a variety of fields, including academic administration, non-profit management, public policy, archives and libraries, K-12 teaching, as well as a range of positions in the federal government and private industry.

Modern Language Association Career Center - Resources for Careers within and beyond the academy

  • Connected Academics - Preparing doctoral students of language and literature for a variety of careers
    • Career Advice - Essays and Blog posts from humanists in careers beyond the academy
    • Humanities Careers and Resources - video posts, blogs, vlogs, and chats with PhDs working in careers beyond the academy and in community colleges

American Philosophical Association's Beyond Academia: Professional Opportunities for Philosphers - Recently updated in 2016, Beyond Academia is intended to provide guidance in the form of resources, information, and advice to philosophers who are interested in exploring a wide range of professions outside of academia. It includes links to resources for non-academic career opportunities; data on non-academic careers, including new academic placement data and analysis; and biographical essays of philosophers who have successfully found ways to use their philosophical training outside of academia.


Resources for Science and Math

Where to Start: 

Union of Concerned Scientists Career Resources for Early Career Scientists - This page is full of career development resources, blogs, job info sites, non-Academic Fellowship info, where to find job postings, and so much more! 

More specific resources in...

Science Education:

Menu of Outreach Opportunities for Science Education (MOOSE)

Science Communication:

NIH Guide to Careers in SciComm and Publishing

How to Get a Job in Science Communication

To Postdoc or Not Postdoc for a Career in SciComm or Science Policy?

National Association of Science Writers

Science Talk

Technical Communication and Writing:

Society for Technical Communication Career Center

Science Policy:

Science Policy Career Resources (AAAS)

American Chemical Society Guide to Careers in Science Policy

Connecting Science, Policy, and Decision-Making (NOAA)

Skills You Need for Science Policy


Careers in Chemistry: Beyond Academia Podcast