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Health and Wellness Overview

It's easy for your health and wellness to take a backseat to the pressures of graduate school.

Finding time to workout, managing your finances, and eating healthy are often difficult to balance with your course load, teaching and research, and family responsibilities.

There are a number of resources to help you adjust to life in graduate school, manage stress, and find a support network on campus that works for you. Explore this page to learn more about these resources and offices. If you have questions, feel free to contact

Check out this month's edition of KU's Student Health 101 or explore the links at the top of this page for mental, physical, and financial health and wellness offices and resources on campus.

Additional offices and resources can be found on our Campus Offices and Resources page. 

Meg Kumin from KU's Office of Marketing Communications captures students warming up in Dr. Luciano Tosta's Capoeira class.

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