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Now that you've identified some career paths that interest you, you might be asking yourself - how do I learn more?

Looking and applying for careers within the academy can be overwhelming. Applications can require a number of documents and interviews can often be multi-stage or multi-day and intimidating.

Looking for careers outside of the academy can feel daunting because you might not know where to look for these jobs, what to look for, or how to interpret the industry specific terms in the job listing. But fear not! There are many ways to learn more about these career paths and in the process you will make connections and build relationships that will help you transition into your career once you graduate.

The buttons below are a collection of resources and guides to help you. Networking is essential for students seeking careers both within and beyond the academy. For those students interested in learning more about careers outside the academy, we strongly suggest that you also explore the informational interviewing and volunteering resources.





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Informational Interviewing


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