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Preparing for Interviews

Interviews can be stressful and intimidating but we have resources to help you prepare for all different types of interviews from phone and Skype to short in-person and day-long visits. 

Below you will find resources and tips on interviewing, however, we strongly recommend that you visit the KU Career Center to participate in mock interviews as preparing in the mirror or with a friend can never truly replace the real thing.

General Guides:

KU Career Center's Guide to Preparing for Job Interviews - A great comprehensive guide for preparing for interviews. Includes doing your research on the company, office, or agency prior to the interview, managing your professional image, professional etiquette, appropriate attire, and typical questions you will likely be asked. 

KU Career Center's Impress Mock Interview Video Tutorial - brief tutorial on how to log in and set up an interview using the Impress mock interview tool in KU Career Connections.

Stanford's Guide to Pursuing Meaningful Work for PhDs and Postdocs A fantastic resource for both academic and non-academic career preparation, this guide includes information to help students prepare for interviews for academic positions (pg. 62-70) and careers beyond the academy (pgs. 24-30).

Preparing for Interviews: 

13 Recommendations for Preparing for and Successfully Completing an Interview (Inside Higher Ed) - great overview article on preparing for and executing a successful interview. 

Why You? Why Us? Why Now? (Inside Higher Ed) - Short essay to help you think through these common questions and what the purpose of an interview really is for employers.

Strategies for a Successful Interview (Inside Higher Ed) - Tips for graduate students seeking careers beyond the academy. 

Tips for Skype Interviews:

7 Tips to Nail a Skype Interview (Forbes) - Great overview of how to prepare for the interview including looking the part to fit the company culture and addressing tech issues.

Dos and Don'ts of Skype Interviewing (LinkedIn) - Tips from a Human Resources expert and a video example.

Curry College's Video Guide to a Successful Skype Interview - Great tips for setting up and holding a good Skype interview.

On-Campus Interviews (For Academic Positions):

The Chronicle of Higher Ed's Guide to On-Campus Interviews - Comprehensive guide on campus interviews for academic positions.

The Professor Is In Articles from The Chronicle of Higher Ed - Great collection of advice from Dr. Karen Kelsky of The Professor Is In on everything from avoiding the sham job search to how to organize your job talk.

The Professor Is In's Guide to the Search Committee Interview - Be prepared for these questions!

In-Person Interviews:

10 Essential Tips to Prepare Yourself for the Job Interview (Forbes) 

31 Common Interview Questions and How to Respond - Including the ever-dreaded "What are your weaknesses?"  - but there are good ways to answer this question!

Acing the Reverse Interview (Inside Higher Ed) - What do you do when the interviewers ask what questions YOU have for them? 

Specific Questions to Ask in a Job Interview (Inside Higher Ed) - Great follow up to the previous article about what questions you should ask at various stages in the interview process